Golde Superfood Latte Blends

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Introducing Golde's Superfood Latte Mix: a powerhouse of nutrition and indulgence crafted to elevate your daily ritual. Immerse yourself in a rich, flavorful experience that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also nurtures your body from the inside out. Revitalize your daily routine with a cup of our Superfood Latte Mix — where health meets indulgence in every sip. Embrace the fusion of taste and wellness for a truly transformative beverage experience. Cheers to a healthier, happier you!

    Matcha Turmeric- coconut milk powder (coconut milk, tapioca starch, acacia gum), turmeric, matcha green tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper

    Shroom Shield- cacao, reishi, turkey tail, coconut milk powder (coconut milk, tapioca starch, acacia gum), cacao, reishi mushroom extract (fruiting body), turkey tail mushroom extract (mycelium and fruiting body), cinnamon, sea salt, monk fruit extract

    Matcha/Turmeric- Their original superfood latte blend paired with 100% pure, shade-grown matcha for a gentle boost of jitter-free energy. 7 essential superfoods for skin glow, gut health, and sustained focus.

    Premium organic matcha from Japan gives a boost of energy and focus, without the jitters or crash
    Turmeric, the ultimate anti-inflammatory superfood, helps support the skin, gut health, and immune defense
    Coconut and black pepper provide the healthy fats and necessary nutrients for turmeric to be absorbed in the body

    Shroom Sheild- Creamy cocoa meets functional shrooms for immunity and stress defense. Boosted with reishi and turkey tail mushrooms to support your mind and body. All of the benefits, none of the mushroom flavor.

    Cacao promotes the production of anandamide (the "bliss molecule") in the brain
    Reishi boosts immunity and helps the body respond to stress
    Turkey Tail provides antioxidants and prebiotics to support immunity and gut health

    Latte, Smoothie, Baked Goods

    Add 2 tsp. of Matcha Turmeric or Shroom Shield to hot water, milk, or coffee. We love it in smoothies and baked goods too!