Nettle Leaf

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Nettle is a versatile and resilient plant that has been utilized for various purposes throughout history. While its stinging hairs may deter some, those who venture into the world of nettle discover a plant with remarkable qualities and numerous benefits. 

Despite its initial sting, nettle proves to be a valuable plant. Whether you choose to explore its medicinal benefits or culinary delights, nettle has much to offer for those willing to embrace its potential. So, don't let the prickly exterior fool you—nettle is a friend worth getting to know.

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Nettle Leaf

Nettle is a nutritional powerhouse, including vitamins (A, C, K), minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium), and antioxidants. Incorporating nettle into your diet may contribute to overall well-being.

While most people know Turmeric for its anti-inflammatory benefits, nettle's anti-inflammatory benefits are just as powerful. The plant's extracts have been traditionally used to alleviate inflammation, making it a popular remedy for conditions such as arthritis and joint pain.

Surprisingly, nettle has anti-allergenic properties. It may provide relief from hay fever and other allergic reactions by limiting the release of histamines and is found in our Pollen Protection tea blend!

Nettle leaf pops up right at the beginning of spring and is a wonderful nutritional herb to use after the sluggishness of winter. When using fresh nettles in food make sure you blanche it in hot water to remove the stingers. Nettle can be made into a pesto, soup, or even juiced. Treat blanched nettle leaves as you would spinach!

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Tea/Infusion: Steep 2 tbs of Nettle Leaf in 12 oz of water for 15 mins. Strain and enjoy!