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Introducing Shroom Renew, your ticket to natural vitality and wellness. Crafted from the mighty chaga mushroom, revered for centuries for its potent health benefits, Shroom Renew offers a convenient way to harness nature's power.

Chaga, known as the "King of Mushrooms," boasts an impressive array of health-boosting properties. From its immune-supporting antioxidants to its inflammation-soothing compounds, chaga is a true superfood for the body and mind. With Shroom Renew, you can experience the benefits of chaga in an easy-to-use extract form, perfect for incorporating into your daily routine.

Whether you're looking to support your immune system, promote overall well-being, or simply add a natural boost to your day, Shroom Renew is here to help. Embrace the ancient wisdom of chaga and unlock the potential of your health with every drop of Shroom Renew.

Shroom Renew: Chaga, Grain Alcohol, Water

Chaga: Packed with antioxidants and inflammation-soothing properties, chaga is nature's gift for a resilient body and a balanced nervous system. With Shroom Renew, you can fuel your wellness journey with ease and convenience.

Benefits may include: adaptogen, antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anti-tumor, anti-cancer

Mood Support Extract, Immune Boost Extract

Use 1-3 mL as needed

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I received a super quick response to my question, got my order in a very timely manner, and I LOVE both the extract and the tea :)