The Qi Flowering Teas

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Organically grown single-origin whole flower teas. We love drinking our flowers as teas but they're also great for other well-being, beauty, and culinary uses (flower tea, floral facial steam, and edible flower desserts!).

Blue Lotus tea promotes deep relaxation. Blue Lotus has rich, fruity, root vegetable notes. It is refreshing and bold with notes of anise and an earthy aroma. It tastes less floral compared to Chrysanthemum.

Royal Chrysanthemum tea promotes immunity, heart health, vision health, and more.

Blue Lotus Flower
Chrysanthemum Flower

Tea/Infusion, Herbal Steam, Cocktail, Mocktail, Ice Cubes

Each flower is good for 2 more refills of hot water in a 6-7oz cup.