Herbs aren't just for tea

Hey Friends,

So y’all know I love me some tea but I am always looking for creative ways to amp up my herbal practice.

Lately, I haven’t had much of an appetite and was trying to find some new recipes to fill me up and keep me warm. After a few minutes (hours) I found some new goodies I was willing to try. Today I want to share with you my…..

Golden Mylk Inspired Breakfast Quinoa Bowl:



  • 1 cup of Oat Milk or your milk of choice

  • 1 cup of prepared Quinoa

  • 1 tsp of cardamom

  • 1 tsp of cinnamon

  • 1 tsp of VitaliTea or a Golden Milk Blend (Tumeric, Ginger)

  • Toppings options (be as creative as possible):

    • Banana

    • Peanut/Almond Butter

    • Chia Seeds

    • Flax Seeds

    • Granola

    • Berries


  1. Add milk, cardamom, cinnamon and VitaliTea to a small sauce pan

  2. Heat until the milk is simmering and the spices have dissolved

  3. Turn the heat off

  4. Add quinoa and stir to incorporate

  5. Transfer to a bowl

  6. Add toppings of choice

  7. Enjoy

Yo! This is so good and comes together in less than 10 mins (if your quinoa is already prepared). Allow your creativity to flow and switch it up as often as you like. If you make this Quinoa Bowl take a pic and send it my way!



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