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Genmaicha, a traditional Japanese green tea, offers a delightful and healthful experience that combines the goodness of green tea with the unique addition of roasted brown rice. This distinctive blend not only provides a rich and nutty flavor but also brings along a number of health benefits.

Incorporating Genmaicha into your tea repertoire not only introduces you to a delightful flavor but also opens the door to a range of health benefits like stress support. Embrace the wholesome goodness of Genmaicha and savor both its taste and the positive impact it can have on your health.

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Green tea leaves, popped rice

Genmaicha isn't just a tasty beverage; it's also a source of essential nutrients. The brown rice adds a nutritional boost, providing additional fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This makes Genmaicha a wholesome choice for those looking to incorporate more nutrients into their diet in a delicious and accessible way.

The combination of green tea and roasted rice in Genmaicha creates a unique profile that includes L-theanine, an amino acid known for its calming effects. This makes Genmaicha an excellent choice for relaxation and stress relief. Enjoying a cup of this tea can be a soothing ritual to help unwind after a busy day.

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Steep 1 tsp per 8oz of 180-degree water for 60-90 seconds. Strain and enjoy!