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Hyssop is part of the mint family and is generally regarded as safe for most people. This herb has a bitter, earthy, anise-type flavor that mixes well with a lot of other herbs. Hyssop is a hidden gem in the world of herbal remedies, offering a range of health benefits for those seeking a natural and holistic approach to well-being. Whether sipped as a tea or infused into your culinary creations, hyssop's immune-boosting and digestive-supporting benefits have the potential to enhance your health and bring a touch of ancient herbal wisdom to your modern lifestyle.


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Most herbalists work with Hyssop as an immune booster due to its anti-viral and expectorant benefits. The bitter taste of the herb can be hard to handle for some people, but you can still get the benefits of Hyssop by making it into an herbal syrup that may help someone with a wet cough.

Even though hyssop is most known for its immune-boosting properties, hyssop may also help support a healthy digestive system and even help heal wounds/cuts and scrapes (when prepared into an infused oil).

Tea, Infused Honey, Infused Vinegar, Herbal Syrup

Steep 2 tbs in 10-12 oz of water for 10-15 mins. Strain and enjoy