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Ready to boost your immunity? Heaps of Health – a powerhouse blend of nature's finest defenders to boost your body's resilience! Specially crafted for immunity enthusiasts and newcomers alike, this herbal extract is just what you need to keep you healthy and strong. Heaps of health is packed with echinacea, ginger, and oregano to kick any sickness to the curb.

Ingredients: Echinacea, Ginger, Oregano

Embrace the convenience of an herbal extract – a few drops under the tongue, and you're on your way to a strong immune system.

Boost your immunity the natural way, because a healthy tomorrow starts with a drop today!

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please check with a medical professional before starting an herbal regimen.

Ginger, Echinacea, Oregano

Echinacea: Immune Fortress

Reinforce your body's natural defense with Echinacea, renowned for its immune-boosting properties. Say goodbye to sniffles and embrace a resilient, thriving immune system.

Ginger: Anti-viral Hero

Let Ginger's anti-viral benefits give your immune system the strength it needs to keep sickness at bay. Its warming nature also allows your body to fight off any germs that come your way.

Oregano: Nature's Antibacterial Shield

Oregano, a powerhouse of antioxidants, acts as a natural antibacterial agent. Embrace the protective shield it provides, supporting your body in maintaining optimal health.

Why "Heaps of Health"?

Synergistic Blend: The harmonious fusion of Echinacea, Ginger, and Oregano creates a potent synergy, addressing multiple aspects of your health in one delightful extract.

Convenience in a Bottle: Enjoy the benefits of these natural wonders without the hassle. "Heaps of Health" is conveniently packaged, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Versatile Wellness: Whether you're looking for immune support during seasonal changes or seeking digestive comfort after a hearty meal, "Heaps of Health" has you covered.

Tincture, Syrup

Take 1 mL of Heaps of Health up to 3x per day as needed to boost immunity.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Tanner
Breaks the never ending school illness chain

Felt like we couldn’t get a break from the never ending new illnesses our school aged kids bring home. Was so thankful when this was recommended to me!